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Freeze Dried Strawberries - 1.76 oz / 50 g

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These gorgeous freeze dried strawberries are nurtured and grown on the cool temperate hills in northern Thailand.  Then they are freeze dried to perfection in a process that maintains all the flavor and 99.9% of the nutrients. 

They are naturally sweet and full of goodness. And they are sliced into bite sized pieces that eat like a chip. Maybe we should call them fruit chips or strawberries chips.

Each pack contains 50g or 1.76 oz of the berries. It is the equivalent of 500g or 1.1 lb of fresh strawberries. Freeze drying removes the water in the fruit but not the nutrition. It is not destructive the nutrients that are found in fresh strawberries.

No refrigeration is required. You keep it in its resealable package and eat it on demand. This product is dry and crunchy like potato chips.

All natural. Pure fruit. No additives. Just 100% strawberry goodness in an easy to eat and simple to store format.

Healthy Strawberry Chips

These freeze dried strawberries are perfect for healthy snacking. You can grind them into a strawberries powder for baking. Or make strawberry ice cream.

Because they have been freeze dried, one pack is the equivalent of 500 g or 17.6 oz of fresh strawberries. 

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