Wholesale Freeze Dried Fruits and Freeze Dried Vegetables

Need a freeze dried food wholesaler? With access to freeze dried food such as freeze dried fruit and vegetables? Then welcome to our site.

Besides our retail presence here at FreezeDriedHeaven.com, we are a wholesaler of freeze dried fruit and freeze dried vegetables. Our products can be supplied with our brand (minimum 50 unit order) or your brand, customized with your label design - 100 unit minimum.

We also can provide:

  • Bulk freeze dried fruit or vegetable sales.
  • Basic packaging with labels we design for you.
  • Or custom packaging. 

We also have a subscription option for small retailers. You buy into a smaller share of a monthly assortment of products as part of a collective we put together. That way you get preferred pricing.

Freeze dried products - both fruit and vegetables - are available in 20 gram (0.7 oz) bags or 50 gram (1.76 oz) bags.

The 20 oz bags are single serving like a bag of potato chips. A 50g bag of freeze dried fruit or vegetables is 2-3 servings and comes in a resealable bag.

Here are the wholesale products we an supply to your business:

Wholesale Freeze Dried Fruit

  • Freeze dried avocado
  • Freeze dried banana
  • Freeze dried coconut
  • Freeze dried dragonfruit
  • Freeze dried durian
  • Freeze dried jackfruit
  • Freeze dried lemon
  • Freeze dried pineapple
  • Freeze dried longan
  • Freeze dried mango
  • Freeze dried mangosteen
  • Freeze dried pear
  • Freeze dried papaya
  • Freeze dried passion fruit
  • Freeze dried honeydew melon
  • Freeze dried rambutan
  • Freeze dried soursop /graviola /guanabana
  • Freeze dried strawberries
  • Freeze dried ??? (what do you need? tell us!)

Wholesale Freeze Dried Vegetables

    • Freeze dried pumpkin
    • Freeze dried cabbage
    • Freeze dried carrot
    • Freeze dried ???  (what do you need? tell us!)

    Interested in our wholesale products listed above?

    Email us: andy@cyberwalker.com and request pricing and volume. All prices we provide include shipping to US addresses and customs clearing.


    Below is two of our freeze dried fruit product line: 

    Freeze Dried Soursop - FreezeDriedHeaven.com


    Freeze Dried Strawberries - FreezeDriedHeaven.com